DETECTIVE COMPANY ‘AGAWI’ 30-213 Krakow, 35 L Emaus Street NIP: 678-107-08-94

Mobile: (+48) 663 164 134 , Phone in USA: 917 515 5201 



The valuation of services in each case occurs in the course of direct conversation with the customer, and its amount depends on the nature and the scope of the whole service which customer orders.

The detective service ends with a written report documenting the description of the facts, accompanied by evidence obtained /photos, audio-videos, and others/. The report may be used and shared only by the person who ordered the execution of the service. This report has the force of law and can be used as evidence in judicial proceedings. 

The detective company “Agawi” Krakow – detective services, divorce and family cases, searching for people and property, forensics computing, detection of wiretaps, economic intelligence, determination of assets, testing the credibility of people.

Telefon: (+48) 12 357 67 67

Telefon komórkowy: (+48) 663 164 134


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